Dragon Ball Z - MOVIES part 02

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M8 - PAN cel Broly 1st ever Legendary transformation
Source: Movie
Layers: 4
No sketches available
Oversize, 10.5W x 9H

Key Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 4/1/2021
Updated 10/6/2022
This is it.
The mythic Broly PAN cel first legendary transformation. On its original matching BG. 4 layers. This image has been used for many things. During the Movie, for the Color manga, for collector cards, adds, posters etc...
It has unfortunately been cut on the edge by a production at some point, I don't know why, but I have been told that it was for the VHS europe production (it is used for its cover as well..).

I have been chasing this PAN cel since I have lost it on Mandarake's Zenbu 82 in 2017, and now it is home, I just feel like finishing a long quest...

Hope you like it !

A museum piece, that is.

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