Dragon Ball Z 03 - Buu

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This part of DBZ is not my favorite. But since it includes Gotenks and Bejitto, I really liked it ^__^
It goes from Cell's death until the end, with Majin Buu's Death.

 SSJ Gotenks Oversize first appearance.

 SSJ Vegeto POTARA - Killer Shot.

 Piccolo san slicing Babbidi

 Ep. #253 - Gotenks SSJ

 PAN cel - Goku preparing the final Genkidama

 Hercules VS C-18

 Hercules + Goku Fusion Potara

 Little evil Buu

 Ep. #243 : SSJ Gohan

 Beautiful PAN cel videl short hair

 Ep. #235 - Majin Vegeta

 Running Chibies

 Goten getting spanked by his mother


 Mystery Man (Goten / Trunks)

 Kaio sama eating

 Ep. #207 - PAN Cel Videl learning

 Goten & Trunks

 Pikkon serious

 Gohan's Classemate close up

 Ep. #234 - Dabura dougas set

 Sharpener - Gohan's classmate

 Ep. #198 - Pikkon attacking

 Kuririn showing the Fusion
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