Ie naki ko (Rémi sans famille)

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It's funny here. When I was a kid, this anime was broadcast on TV like others. But I just hated it. Remi was always a bad luck guy. All the misfortunes befall him as if life was hitting on this poor kid without him being able to do anything. When you think that he can get better or get out of it, each time it got worse ... BUT Now, as an adult, I have a totally different take on the show. The scenario is incredible, it is a lesson of life (hard certainly but nevertheless plausible at the time when the series takes place). The designs supervised by the incredible AKIO SUGINO continuously enhance the series. They are beautiful pieces, and I'm happy to have a few of them.

 Mother Barberin

 Foster Father Barberin (that fucker)

 In the mines...


 Capi & Joli coeur

 Remi at the window... Watching in the Court

 Gambare Remi !!!

 Remi's smile

 Pyjama Remi
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